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About Us

Our mission here at The Naturista Store is to provide our customers with nature's way of health and wellness.


Our Story

The Naturista Store was founded in the year 2022 in the city of Downey, CA, United States, after Founder CEO Andy G was having a difficult time keeping a job because of his refusal to wear a surgical mask & roll up his sleeve. He is a firm believer that a person's perspective determines their destiny & He accepts and supports the right for anyone to hold their own judgment and the right to free will, but His years in experience and knowledge of Plants, ancient healing techniques, & holistic health simply did not allow him to be convinced otherwise.

Andy’s unconditional trust in Nature & Natural Products allowed him to live those uncertain years with absolute good standing health & health certainty. He even went as far as not going out and getting absolutely everything delivered, which helped trigger his already on going interest in joining the e-commerce industry to help spread the knowledge of Pure Natural Health products & to help support the new trending demand for Plant Based products that may help aid or address certain Health matters or concerns using only Natural Products, Plants and Food grade ingredients. 

Our Store offers a variety of reliable and affordable Natural Products, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, everything made from nature and all natural plant ingredients. The Naturista Store offers natural products for weight management, Aches and Pain management, Beauty & Skin care and a variety of other health conditions or concerns.

Our mission here at The Naturista Store is to provide our customers with natures way of health and wellness. 

Our aim is to be the golden bridge that anyone can utilize whenever they feel an inclination towards Naturally addressing a certain health matter or concern.

We provide our customers real science based education about certain health matters or concerns and We help aid science based well known solutions that have helped many people in their same situation, using only natural plants or products and food grade ingredients.

Our top priority here at the Naturista Store is consumer safety, health awareness & 100% customer satisfaction. We care about providing health awareness and educating the general public about the power of Pure Natural Health, We’re here to help educate our customers how plants, nature and certain food ingredients can help us live a much brighter life and may help prepare us for those harsh winters that We must all go through.

We are Huge Supporters of Ancient Healing Techniques & Holistic Health, so here at the Naturista Store We go by what We know has worked safely in the past, with thousands of years of proven experience, We know our ancestor’s wisdom is true, and We truly believe that our food is our medicine and our medicine has always been in our food. 

We appreciate that Nature has the ability to aid the human body in a well balanced, economical & effective manner so We work daily to ensure that We do our part in representing Nature well. 

We believe a person’s long term health may be determined by their view on food , and it all begins when they choose their meal based on nutrition density not sensory pleasure.


Our Goal & Mission here is to provide our customers with the Best High Quality Natural Products at the Best reasonable Prices. 

We Work everyday to Provide our customers with the Best Customer service Experience Possible by Providing Excellent Customer Support, Knowledgeable Staff & Continuous Reliability.

We Appreciate All Our Customers, We wish everyone the best health & We Thank You All for Your Continued Support!


Why Shop at Naturista Store?

Our mission here is to provide you the best high quality natural products at the best prices, with the best shipping / handling times and with constant year round reliability. Our team of experts make sure you get authentic products that come directly from the manufacturer and our good relationships with all suppliers ensure that you get the absolute best deal possible.


Our supplements contain only natural components and herbal extracts, so you won’t feel guilty taking them.


About Our Supplements

Our Natural supplements help address a variety of conditions and concerns including, gut health, overall organ health, joint support, cardiovascular support and more. View our Catalog for a complete list of products.


Why Take Natural Food Supplements?

Natural food supplements are health products that are made from real plants that grow in the ground with water and sunlight and carefully processed with extreme care to create a portable long lasting final product that can be taken daily to increase your daily intake of nutrients (not normally eaten with meals) like vital minerals and vitamins that the body needs to stay fresh and fit.

These products are safe for use and provide significant health benefits according to recent studies. Most of the same ancient healing herbs and seeds of the past can still measure in success today. People now a days are leaning more towards a natural way of health and leaning more towards a traditional way of life, like depending of the earth for health and nutrients.


Naturista store Organic teas


The Naturista Store Guarantee

We are Naturalist here at Naturista Store and We are equally picky about what We put in our bodies so here at Naturista Store We source products with only Natural Ingredients based on quality and purity which is why all of our Naturista Store Brand Teas are NON-GMO Certified USDA Organic.